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Should You Consider Customized Picture Frames?

The word customized sometimes have a negative (hint: expensive) connotation. If an item or a product is not mass produced, chances are it is a little bit beyond the budget. But there are certain situations when splurging a little for something personalized is indispensable such as preserving precious mementos.

Whether it is a picture your kid drew when they were young or it is a signed poster by your favorite singer or that candid photo of your and your significant other’s first dance during your wedding, spending money on frames is worth the investment if it means saving these irreplaceable mementos.

For Your Photos

Photos when you first moved to your own home, your child’s first baseball game or the time they won an award during a science fair or any important milestones should be seen and enjoyed for a long time. Putting them on frames could significantly have a positive effect on their conditions even after several years. Customized frames enhance your photos. It gives the pieces a neat and tasteful look, complimenting other furniture and set pieces to your home’s interior. If you are not a fan of frames, you could opt to have your photos laminated and block mounted. Block mounting is a more affordable option but could still protect your photos and make them visually pleasing.

For Your Certificates

Your certificates are proof of your accomplishments and instead of keeping them inside a box or your file cabinet, why not frame them on special frames? This visually pleasing casing is sure to prevent your certificate from fading and protect it from any damage. Now, you could proudly show everyone the fruits of your labour. If you also display your children’s certificates, they would know how proud you are of them and would encourage them to go and be successful in all their endeavours. Various frame shop melbourne are amongst the top framers specialized in custom framing.

For Your Artworks

Whether it is a picture you drew when you first thought you are the next Picasso or an expensive artwork by some not yet famous but soon to be a renowned artist, you would want these pieces to be protected from fading, yellowing and losing their lustre and colour over time. Get a customized frame to provide a strong structure for your artwork without skimping on the appearance to properly enrich the artwork you want to stage.

For Your Collectibles

Ever wondered what you would do with the accumulated sports medals you received while you were still in college? Instead of letting them fall to pieces and collect dust in a box under your bed, why not proudly display them and let your guests see how much of an athlete you were during your younger days? Your cherished sports memorabilia such as jerseys, jumpers, balls and ribbons could be prominently displayed on a shadow box frame. Other three-dimensional keepsakes could also be framed and exhibited front and centre.

Buying mass produced frames or considering “doing it yourself” framing methods might result unexpectedly or worst, cause damage to your precious items.  At least, when you consider having it framed by an expert, you would be well informed of the distinct benefits of having a frame with a certain type of glass, moulding designs and or mat boards.


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