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Impacts of Rising Sea Levels

Rising sea level is the biggest concern due to rapidly increasing global warming. Many global initiatives have been taken to reduce global warming since it has a major impact on our lives. Research has shown that in a few years, island nations such as the Maldives will no longer exist and this is quite frightening. Here are some of the reasons why immediate action is needed to stop the rising sea level and to save our mother earth.  

It Will Contaminate Our Drinking Water 

Due to rising sea levels, seawater will seep into the freshwater sources on land that many coastal areas depend on for clean drinking water. When seawater crawls further up the shore, it will get into underground water sources called aquifers and contaminate fresh water. These aquifers account for most of the planet’s freshwater and the mixing of seawater into them will bring extremely disastrous results. Saltwater is, of course, unsafe to drink as they can cause kidney failure and other negative health effects and removing seawater from freshwater sources is an expensive and complicated process.

It Will Interfere With Farming 

The freshwater sources are used for irrigation that will be used in farming. Saltwater mixed in freshwater can damage or kill crops and whatever harvest collected may not be suitable for consumption. Rising sea levels are affecting us and hence we need to switch to renewable energy sources such as solar panels Adelaide to ensure the wellbeing of our planet. 

It Will Change Our Coastal Plant Life 

Plants are extremely sensitive to the environment and hence the rising sea water level that hits the shore will change the chemistry of the soil and affect the plants. Salty soil may not be suitable for certain types of plants and hence they may disappear from the shoreline. Trees will have a harder time pulling in freshwater from salty soil and as a result, they will die. Many initiatives have been taken to protect these coastline plants since they protect the land from tsunamis and high tides. 

It Will Threaten Wildlife Population 

Many types of species make the beaches their home and rising sea levels eroding the shoreline will destroy the animals’ homes. Sea turtles and shorebirds will lose their nests due to flooding and high tides. The unfortunate situation is that many of these coastal species are endangered and cannot afford to lose their offspring. In addition, the seawater that gets into rivers will threaten the lives of certain freshwater fish and other related animals. They are sensitive to the composition of the water and hence even the simplest change will affect them drastically.  

It Will Hurt The Economy 

Many people who own real estate along the coastal line and others who work in the coastal tourism industry will be drastically affected. The rise in sea level will erode the beaches and this will cause a decline in tourists that visit the coastal areas. Real estate prices will go down, affecting the entire economy around it. 


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