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Best Ways to Wrap A Gift

You have got the perfect gift for a loved one but how to do you present it? Just giving it without the package will lose all the charm of gift giving and the classic box wrapping can be little too cliché. In order to make your gift interesting, the presentation part has to be done perfectly too. Check out below to see some of the best gift-wrapping ideas.

Add a Little Flare to your Classic Gift Box

While the box wrapping is a little too old fashioned, you can still revive it with a little bit of work. Besides, if your gift does come in a box, then it is easy to use the shape of the box to create a good look. However, stray away from the traditional box wrapped in an everyday wrapping paper.

Instead you can choose some unique papers to wrap your gift. Some of the papers you can choose instead of the traditional printed paper include recycled paper, colour changing paper, glitter paper if you are giving it to someone with a loud personality, marble textured paper to add unique look, or parchment papers if they love the old, rustic theme.

An Interesting Gift Bags

Gifts bags are certainly becoming more and more popular. This is because they are the perfect excuse to use when you have a gift that you simply find unable to wrap in the right shape. They are also much easier to use and you don’t have to struggle with scissors, tapes or to get the wrapping right.

Just like boxes these too comes with various designs and colours as well as a range of materials from recycled paper to clothe bags. Whether have a gift with an unusual large shape or a size or if you have something small like jewellery that you want to make sure will not be misplaced, the gift bags is your thing. Like in boxes, you can buy some ribbons or bows from a store like Gift Packaging to add a little more of a festive look

Gift Pouches

Although not as popular as gift boxes or bags, ouches can be quite unique and cute when you want to give a small gift. This is fabric pouch most often made with cotton fabric, and Is a great way to keep small gifts safe until you give it away.

If you are looking for ways to give things like rings or earrings, candy etc, you can put them inside a gift pouch. You can easily find them on a gift store or can easily DIY them at home. All you need is a nice, fancy fabric with a little bit of a festive look and a string to tie it into a nice pouch after placing the gift inside the fabric/.

DIY Envelop

If you are giving money as a gift or a gift card, tickets to a favourite show or a voucher, then none of the above options will work for your gift. Instead, you will need an envelope. But if you want to join with the rest of the celebration, you should never take your average envelop.

You can easily make one by yourself at home using some of the leftover wrapping paper or any other fancy paper like pages of old story books or maps, or even take a normal paper and decorate it yourself. If you are not a fan of DIY and is not sure about your creative abilities yet, then you can also buy a good envelop in any gift accessory shop.

Depending on your gift, you can choose which option will suit you better. Choose wisely and make sure your gift looks amazing.


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