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How to Make A Space Cosier and Instantly Feel Homely?

Moving houses can be a tiring job to execute. But even more annoying is that feeling of unfamiliarity one associates with new spaces. Here are a few tips that will instantly make any space feel cosy and homely…getting rid of that unfamiliarity.

Clean the Space

Whatever the space you’re trying to create a sense of homeliness is, be that it’s a bedroom or workspace, begin by cleaning it. Declutter the space so you get rid of all items that you don’t have a use for.

This is particularly important if you’re expected to work from a space previously occupied by someone else. Then do a deep cleaning of the space. If you’re trying to make a leased room feel more homely, consider buying a new mattress for hygiene reasons as well. Homemade curtains cost very little, but go a long way in making a room feel homely.

Open Up to Nature

Open the space up to nature. Open up the windows and let in the sunlight and the wind; instantly creating a cosy feeling. If any of the furniture is getting in the way of letting natural light in, consider moving that furniture or getting rid of it.

Placing mirrors on the opposite walls of the window, allowing the light to bounce on it and spread throughout the room is also a great way to magnify what little light your room may receive. Don’t forget to air out your room at least a few times a week…!

Rearrange the Furniture

Often, though the arrangement of a room or workspace may appear perfect at first glance, you’ll realize on the long run that the arrangement isn’t perfect for you. This usually takes us a while to realize; and on the meantime, we’re left puzzled over why we’re frustrated using the space.

To avoid this frustration, always consider how you’d like the furniture to be before you settle into the space¾and especially consider how to make it work efficiently for you. This is particularly important in workspaces, as it also affects your efficiency.

Give the Walls A Little Character

Bare walls may have been able to make the previous owner of your space happy, but if it doesn’t do the same for you, crack open your creativity! Hang up paintings and pictures that make you happy. Block mounting Melbourne is particularly a great idea. If your land lord doesn’t approve of drilling into walls to hang up pictures, remember that there are many reusable adhesives that don’t leave a single mark readily available in the market today.

Aim for Comfort

Home is another name for comfort; it’s the space you are mostly comfortable in. To truly make a space homely and cosy, do your best to make it comfortable. Buy furniture that guarantee you this comfort. If it makes you happy, pile your bed and couch with comfy pillows/throw pillows and blankets. Though it will cost you a bit, splurge a little on the rugs, ensuring you get the best quality your money can get. Trust us, it makes all the difference!

Bring In A Few Items That Made Your House A Home

And last, don’t forget to bring to your new space something from your old space. In the case of a house/room; blanket you grew up with, a picture frame you adore, a plant you’ve looked after lovingly…or even well-used cookware.

Yes, in general it’s better getting new things when moving into a new space, as it helps you declutter and get rid of the unwanted. But sometimes, the old things bring a comfort that the new and unfamiliar things will take long to create…


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