Great Crafts That You Could Turn into a Business

People who have an artistic side usually pour in their creativity into making artworks and crafts as a hobby. Craft making is a perfect activity you could do to pass time and keep your mind busy. However, this type of hobby could actually be turned into a business if you want to get more serious and make money out of it. Handmade crafts are really popular among customers since each item is carefully and uniquely made with love by the crafter’s hands.

If you’re looking for a new hobby that you could also easily turn into a business, here are some of the best craft ideas to help you out.

Candle Making

Candle making is one of the simplest yet profitable craft you could do at home. It’s not that complicated to learn and you don’t need a lot of tools and equipment to start with this hobby. You could even get starter kits complete with all the basic supplies you need for candle making. Learn more here on what you’ll need to get started.

Candles are popular as gifts and other uses such as decorations, for relaxation, meditation, and a lot more. You could opt to make plain candles but if you want to pour in more of your creativity, you could also add some designs and fragrances to make the candle more special.

Bath Bombs

Since self-care and relaxation is more popular these days, bath bombs have been an essential part of a relaxing bath. It instantly turns your bath into a spa-like experience, making you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated even it is just done at home. This is the main reason why bath bombs are really in demand these days among consumers of all ages.

It’s easy to start this kind of hobby or business since a lot of the ingredients needed can already be found at home such as baking soda, colloidal oatmeal, Epsom salts, and many more. You only need to add in extra ingredients such as fragrances and essential oils to make it complete.


Calligraphy refers to the art of beautiful hand writing. Since we are living in a digital age today, the value of handwriting has become a lot more special and personal. Calligraphy requires a lot of time and practice in order to learn beautiful strokes. However, it doesn’t require a lot of supplies. In fact, you could even start learning with just a set of pens and paper.

You could then level it up once you’ve gained more experience and try out other writing materials like brush and ink. This special craft can be turned into a business since there are a lot of people looking for beautiful handwriting to be used on invitations, event signage, place cards, logos, and a lot more.

Hobbies are not just for passing some idle time. You could also turn it into something profitable as long as you are proud of all the creations you do. 


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